Introducing Daryl Lyons

Daryl Lyons is the owner of Detail Lex in Lexington, Kentucky. After many years in the business, he has vast experience and knowledge in automotive detailing and has a long history of passion for sports cars. He was a member of the Corvette Club. Daryl earned his Bachelor of Business Management & Marketing Development from The Ohio State University and an Associate Degree in Business Management from the University of Kentucky.

At Detail Lex, Daryl has assembled a dedicated team of professionals with over 75 years of experience. Detail Lex is a certified member of the International Detailers Association (IDA). Our staff includes several detailers that have received their Certified Detailer & Skills Validated (CD-SV) credentials.

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About the Southern Detailer’s Conference

Daryl started the Southern Detailer’s Conference in 2019 and it was a HUGE success! SDC 2019 and 2021 attracted some of the top detailers and detailing product companies from around the world. We designed the event to allow the attendees more direct access to meet and discuss ideas and products with some of the most knowledgeable detailers in our industry. We provided an environment which promoted hands on learning opportunities taught by the best of the best.

The response we received from both vendors and attendees was beyond positive. We witnessed discussions and the exchange of ideas across different vendor platforms. Detailers from different shops discussing various techniques and standards. In these 2 days, we experienced an atmosphere of camaraderie that makes our industry better and stronger.