June 2-3, 2023

Kentucky International Convention Center
Louisville, KY

Daryl Lyons Scholarship

We are excited to announce the Daryl Lyons Scholarship, established in honor of the late Daryl Lyons, a respected detailer and industry trailblazer.

Daryl was known as Big D. And if you knew Daryl, you know that the adjective “Big” referred to the size of his personality, his compassion, and the size of his heart. He gave his time and anything else he had to give to help anyone who needed a friend or mentor.

Daryl would help any detailer in the industry to help solve a problem, kick around ideas that would help market their business and encourage changes that bettered this industry. He was also a strong advocate for the IDA. He believed that the IDA builds stronger and better detailers which is the backbone for a strong and successful industry for all of us. He encouraged all detailers to take the steps to become a certified detailer and be an active member in the IDA.

In honor of his legacy, the Daryl Lyons Scholarship awards six aspiring detailers by funding their IDA Skills Validated and Certified Detailer certification programs.

The scholarships will be awarded during the Southern Detailers Conference Awards Dinner on June 3, 2023, in Louisville, Kentucky.

Each recipient will receive financial assistance to cover the cost of their IDA certification courses, providing them with valuable resources to excel in the detailing industry.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Demonstrated passion for pursuing a career in the detailing industry.
  • Commitment to completing the IDA Skills Validated and Certified Detailer certification programs.
  • Strong interest in professional development and contributing to the detailing community.

Recipients will be announced at the show. Thank you to everyone who entered!